About Us

"Speedy Pandit/speedypandit.com (Product of Roohdaar Ventures Pvt.Ltd) is India’s Largest Online Pooja Booking Portal where technology meets tradition. All our Pandits/Priests are trained in certified Vedic Pathashalas and they are experienced in performing pooja professionally. Speedy Pandit offer best in class pooja services in metro cities of India. Book a pandit online including all the pooja samagri for the best price. You can book pandit for poojas, havans, homams, japas, kathas, path, marriages, engagement, ceremonies, pitru dosha pooja, srardham, narayana bali pooja, temple services and many other rituals.

Speedy Pandit Offers:

  • Convenience to the client and process their requirement at the click of a button.
  • Use superior technology and build a robust and interactive online platform for clients.
  • Services of qualified Panditjis, whose antecedents (qualifications as well as behavioral) were checked and confirmed by experts.
  • A comprehensive and complete Pooja samagri kit, in superbly branded Boxes and Bags.
  • Ensure complete transparency in pricing by displaying the prices directly on the website.
  • Poojas and Panditjis are serious business. But SpeedyPandit will bring about a celebratory emotion, quickness of service and yet maintain the austerity of the Pooja.
  • Each of the Panditjis undergo a soft skills training program which SpeedyPandit arranges. They will be communicative. The Panditjis s will be trained in etiquette and will conduct themselves in a manner, which has earlier never been experienced. The Poojas will be conducted in an inclusive and festive manner.
  • Our Pandit will be communicative.
  • Each of the Panditjis who visit client’s homes for Poojas will be vetted for security reasons.
  • SpeedyPandit will encourage clients to post on line reviews to ensure constant improvement.

Speedypandit is a transparent platform built to connect pandits/priest with people who wish to perform pooja or havan.
Pandits/priests at speedypandit are certified to perform all the rituals in a right manner.
Speedypandit is making life one step easier by offering pooja/havan services at home