The idea to start speedy Pandit

The idea to start originated when the Founders were caught in a tough spot. One of their close friends was getting married. Yash & Nilesh visited the friend’s house to inquire whether any assistance was required. 

The friend was out for some work and his Mother told them that they were unable to find a Panditji/Guruji at the appropriate mahurat to solemnize the marriage. She asked them to find a capable Panditji and they began the search in earnest.

Several times during their search, Yash & Nilesh found themselves in a "chicken & egg" situation. If they found the Panditji, he wouldn’t be available on the Mahurat. If they found a Panditji available at the Mahurat time, he would not be qualified enough to conduct religious ceremonies proficiently. Most of the times, the Panditji would not be available on the Mahurat time! 

After a lot of efforts, they finally found a Panditji who was qualified and was also available as per the Mahurat. However, the Panditji informed Yash and Nilesh that the entire list of items required for the wedding rituals had to be arranged by them. The Panditji gave them a long list of items (samagri) and asked them to procure all of them.

They discovered that the items (samagri) mentioned in the list given by the Panditji were not available at one shop. Flowers & garlands were at one shop, the grains and coconuts were at another. The sweets were available at one shop, whereas the wood for the Havan was available elsewhere. They finally were able to collect all the items/samagri, but it was a cumbersome and exhausting task.

This is how was born....