Why Speedy Pandit for All?

Having extreme difficulty in finding a Panditji/Guruji for a friend’s wedding was not the only reason why the Founders started SpeedyPandit. 

They dwelled deeper into the problem as they knew, one swallow doesn't make a summer! 

The Speedy Pandit team spoke to several families and working couples on a one-to-one basis. They made notes of the pain points which these people had to go through for a simple thing like a religious ceremony. Speedy Pandit team learned that in households where both the spouses were working, neither of the spouses could spare the time to locate a Panditji/Guruji. Even if they were able to locate a Panditji/Guruji, buying the Pooja Samagri (items required for the Pooja rituals) was again an issue as not all pooja items were available in one place. A simple Pooja in the house led to an argument between the spouses!!!

Also, the Guru Dakshina (fees charged by the Panditji/Guruji for performing the Pooja) were inconsistent; they differed from Panditj to Panditji!!

The Speedy Pandit team realised that the Urban professionals in India, believed in upholding traditions. They unfortunately do not have the time to arrange for these things. These Urban professionals wanted a "one stop" solution for their pain point, which was transparent and trustworthy. The Urban professionals also believes in superior technology, bespoke offerings and the value addition which a brand offers.

Yashraj and Nilesh ruminated over all the data they had collected and discussed their findings with peers and other professionals. They realised that they needed to offer the young urban professionals a Pooja service which would incorporate:

a. Use of technology in ease of ordering and the entire process

b. No waste of time & effort.

c. Service availability as per their convenience.

d. No disturbance in their regular routine.

e. Qualified Pandits and appropriate pooja material.

f. Trust worthy Pandits with quality ratings.

g. Excellent branding and outstanding customer service.

g. Consistent & uniform pricing.

 This is how SpeedyPandit.com was born. 

SpeedyPandit will offer:

1. Convenience to the client and process their requirement at the click of a button.

2. Use superior technology and build a robust and interactive online platform for clients.

3. Services of qualified Panditjis, whose antecedents (qualifications as well as behavioral) were checked and confirmed by experts.

5. A comprehensive and complete Pooja samagri kit, in superbly branded Boxes and Bags. The Speedy Pandit bag is made from Jute and are environment friendly.

5. Complete transparency in pricing by displaying the prices directly on the website. 

6. SpeedyPandit will bring about a celebratory emotion, quickness of service and yet maintain the austerity of the Pooja.

7. Communicative Panditjis trained in soft skills, & etiquette. 

9. Encourage clients to post on line reviews to ensure constant improvement.

In addition to Pune, SpeedyPandit has plans to come to your city too!!